Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mid Cycle

The list of scholars on the left has increased. Some scholars are done, they finished last cycle. Some are new and began at the beginning of this cycle. And I can get a new scholar at any time. Today, I got a new scholar. Reviewing the assignments the scholars are to do on ToDaY's MeNu, will provide what was to be done as I review each scholar's webpage. I'm impressed with those scholars who have excellent attendance as that fact reflects on their webpage. I'm impressed with how they help each other. I am impressed with how the scholars have risen to the task of making these pages, understand how to do it, and have generally speaking enjoyed the projects as demonstrated in how they continue to proofread their work and edit it. We are at the halfway point in the semester and the second cycle and I am very pleased with the progress being made by the scholars and the seriousness with which they construct their pages. I am also pleased with how our individual conferences are going and how the scholars respond to them. Their in class folders also reflect on their progress. Great work so far, keep going.

Friday, October 17, 2008

End of the First Marking Period

The scholars have done very well with making their webpages using HTML. They have accomplished much in design and tackling a difficult assignment like the Hypertext Haiku. They have achieve much in this first marking period and generally speaking I see us as being on track and proceeding beautifully.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scholars are doing well

I am impressed with how the scholars at West Side HS have come along and have developed their webpages. Attendance is good! Everyone is engaged. As scholars finish and accomplish a task, they move ont help another. The cooperation is good and healthy. They are using the Style Sheet well and beginning to make decisions about their page without conferring with me. They are beginning to not rely on me for every step. The use of the Smart Board is very important so that I can use their pages as models to lessons about HTML, writing,and design. I'm glad I decided to teach this class and to get back to CyberEnglish.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome to a new year

This year, 2008-09, marks my return to using the Internet in my class. I plan on having my scholars obtain a Google account and then make a webpage using HTML on sites. I plan on having them use Blogs and docs as well. I'm hoping to have their final projects, webfolios, be multimedia. The class can be found here. I'm looking forward to this class.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer School is over!!

I had lots of fun this summer with my scholars. We built Blogs. I gave them assignments and they built their blogs around them. I was very impressed with how quickly they took to blog writing. Their pages are to the left under the Scholars Summer 08 heading. I was very happy with their final piece, self assessment. In it they speak about their experience with the blog. They speak well about their successes and failures. They provide context for the reader before reading the blog posts. I was most excited by their love of the Habits of Mind. I like blogs, but their has to be more as Earl said. There is and this fall I plan on playing around with them again and for the first time in some cases. I'm jazzed about this fall.

The first alpha list of scholars by first name are those who did the self assessment, the second alpha list are those who did lots, but not self assessment, the third are those who started but didn't make it past midterm.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Favorite Quote

Imitation is Suicide.

Copying someone else and giving up my identity to be like another is the death of me, suicide. It is important for me, to be me and not to imitate another because I think that person has a better life or is smarter. I can use the qualities of another to help me understand myself better, but I should move on and develop my own skills. Using another as a model so I can shape myself is fine, but I do not want to imitate that person, become a clone of that person, because then I lose myself and that would be like suicide. It is good to admire others to help me know myself better, but I do not want to become them, I want to become myself, with their help.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What is peer review?

Have you heard of peer review? Do you know what it is? What do you think peer review is?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What is an essay?

When you see or hear an assignment that has "in an essay" describe, explain, analyze, discuss something, what are your thoughts or ideas about writing that "essay"? What is your definition of an "essay"?