Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer School is over!!

I had lots of fun this summer with my scholars. We built Blogs. I gave them assignments and they built their blogs around them. I was very impressed with how quickly they took to blog writing. Their pages are to the left under the Scholars Summer 08 heading. I was very happy with their final piece, self assessment. In it they speak about their experience with the blog. They speak well about their successes and failures. They provide context for the reader before reading the blog posts. I was most excited by their love of the Habits of Mind. I like blogs, but their has to be more as Earl said. There is and this fall I plan on playing around with them again and for the first time in some cases. I'm jazzed about this fall.

The first alpha list of scholars by first name are those who did the self assessment, the second alpha list are those who did lots, but not self assessment, the third are those who started but didn't make it past midterm.