Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mid Cycle

The list of scholars on the left has increased. Some scholars are done, they finished last cycle. Some are new and began at the beginning of this cycle. And I can get a new scholar at any time. Today, I got a new scholar. Reviewing the assignments the scholars are to do on ToDaY's MeNu, will provide what was to be done as I review each scholar's webpage. I'm impressed with those scholars who have excellent attendance as that fact reflects on their webpage. I'm impressed with how they help each other. I am impressed with how the scholars have risen to the task of making these pages, understand how to do it, and have generally speaking enjoyed the projects as demonstrated in how they continue to proofread their work and edit it. We are at the halfway point in the semester and the second cycle and I am very pleased with the progress being made by the scholars and the seriousness with which they construct their pages. I am also pleased with how our individual conferences are going and how the scholars respond to them. Their in class folders also reflect on their progress. Great work so far, keep going.